Break free from your typical customer support workflow. Scale customer success as you grow.

Web3 support reimagined.
Powered by Faye.

A self-learning AI chatbot that masters smart contracts for accurate, relevant, and on-chain troubleshooting.

Key Stats
Tickets automated. No agents needed

Stop spending another minute answering the same generic question for the 100th time.

Projects are automating and successfully closing an average of 80% of their incoming tickets before they even reach a live agent.

Users supported, at the same time

Rule no.1: Never leave a troubled user hanging!

Faye bot can attend to 1,000 or even 10,000 users at the same time. That means instant response time and higher customer satisfaction.

Response accuracy rate, and improving

Faye is young, but learning fast!

As Faye talks to more users, the feedbacks and data set go back to training the bot for continuous optimization and higher accuracy rate by the day.

Not your typical chatbot

An intuitive customer support flow to convert your troubled users into loyal customers.

Proprietary Indexing Engine:
Auto-crawl relevant on-chain tx

Once a user connects wallet, Faye AI will connect with the respective block explorer and crawl all relevant on-chain activities for invalid transactions to troubleshoot.

On-chain Troubleshooting:
AI that understands smart contracts

After confirming the tx hash with the user, Faye AI then analyzes the error message and proposes the best solution based on the training dataset provided by the project.

Conversational AI:
No more Web3 jargons

Faye AI integrates with ChatGPT 3.5 and leverages NLP to not only answer on-chain queries in layman's terms, but also eloquently respond to generic, off-chain questions.

All-in-one admin dashboard.
Workflow simplified.

Manage and prioritize tasks in one single portal, from configuring customer query automation to responding to real-time messages.


Seamlessly reach your users, wherever they are

Faye enables integration with Discord and your website, supporting your users using channels they prefer.

Projects can manage all tickets in the all-in-one admin dashboard.


Seamless chatbot-to-human handoff

Users can escalate their queries to a human agent when necessary, offering a seamless user experience.

Projects can access and manage all opened sessions in its Faye admin portal for real-time conversations.


Automate and customize chatbot responses

Freeing up human agents from answering standard, generic questions and empowering them to focus on more valuable feedbacks.

Projects can preset, customize, and automate the desired responses to selected question.

Scale customer success today

Build a loyal customer base with minimal resources through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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